HI! We’re Impressions by Laura.


We are your source for luxury skincare and professional beauty. A team dedicated to creating the perfect look for your perfect day. Here at Impressions, we pride ourselves in only using prestigious brands of skincare and makeup products and strive to be 100% cruelty free.

We specialize in professional makeup application for any special occasion including print, bridal, and everything in between. Every occasion is important to us and we are committed to making yours a dream come true. While working with us you will benefit from customized skincare, skin education, and product coaching.

We are also proud to offer services to improve your skin by learning about its condition from the inside out. Skincare products are tested for effectiveness both on the skins surface and deeper layer left in customer’s document layers, thus eliminating the skincare guessing game. Personalized skincare regimens, functional facials, and skin education are all part of the skin coaching process.
A process called ‘fluorescence’ uses precise levels of blue and black light to illuminate the top layers of skin, revealing and magnifying deeper layers of your epidermis and dermis.