Exfoliating too much

Some exfoliators are harsh on the skin. If used too often it can dry out or make the skin dull. It’s best to have an exfoliator with spherical beads, not jagged edges of different sizes. The sphere shape will slough off dead skin cells and polish the skin, otherwise jagged edges in most exfoliators can cause micro-cuts in the skin, making it age quicker.

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Picking at your face

Nobody likes to be picked on. Caring for skin is great but fussing with skin will irritate it. Less is more so use gentle cleansers, stick to a simple routine that works for you.  Your skin likes consistency, mixing and matching different brand products will make your skin overreact. Some skincare has amazing powerful ingredients and others might use botanical and a more natural approach but aren't as strong. Going back and forth between different products can slow or reverse progress. Speak to a consultant about what regimen works for you.

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Not removing makeup at night

For every night you sleep with makeup on, your skin ages about 11 days. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and it needs to breath and time to heal itself. Think of all the impurities you put it through during the day. Clean off all your makeup each night for a more restored and rested skin.

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Throwing your makeup brushes in with your makeup

I've done it. The bag was big enough, it saved space and it seemed efficient to have my brushes piled nicely over my makeup. Unfortunately, I didn't notice a black eye shadow compact that I used to line my lashes opened and a brush rubbed against it. When I applied bronzer wouldn't you know it, I had black streaks across my face. Save yourself the trouble and separate those items.

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Treating your eyes like the rest of your face

The skin under your eyes is ten times thinner than the skin on your face so treat it with gentle care, because it is sensitive. Environmental factors, lack of blood flow, sun damage, rubbing, etc. can contribute to wrinkled and aged looking skin. Using a cream formulated for that delicate area will increase blood flow, target early signs of aging, and help prevent more damage as you go about your day.

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Sleeping with your face on a pillow

Do you sleep on your stomach? It may be comfortable but smashing your face into the pillow causes wrinkles. If you remember how you looked when you woke up, you'll realize it's true. By constantly rubbing your face on the pillow you're applying pressure on your face and causing it to wrinkle for an extended period of time.

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