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Your skin is a measure of age, health, and beauty. It is the world's first glimpse into who you are.  And just like you, your skin is completely, totally unique. Your skin deserves an approach as special as you.

In every session you will benefit from working with an expert skin coach and skin analysis. This will eliminate the guessing game of trying expensive and skin treatments. Each service is personalized according to concern, goal and specific need. ALL SESSIONS COME WITH A COMPLIMENTARY GIFT.


Improve your skin by learning about it’s condition from the inside out.

Skincare products are tested for effectiveness both on the skin’s surface and in it’s deeper layers, thus eliminating the skincare guessing game.  Personalized skincare regimens, functional facials, and skin education are all part of the skin coaching process.  

A process called ‘fluorescence’ uses precise levels of blue and black light to illuminate the top layers of skin, revealing and magnifying deeper layers of your epidermis and dermis.

The consult includes a skin analysis using a glow machine, demos, education on choosing the right products to address skin concerns, and a personalized regimen plan with follow ups.

Facial Treatments $100+under


Get the outcome of microdermabrasion with a more gentle touch. This express treatment supports a suppler complexion, boosting skin back to it’s natural vitality. An instant lift for tired, stressed skin, this multi-step system cleanses and detoxifies, leaving the skin tight and silky smooth. After cleansing, a mushroom enzyme peel gently and powerfully exfoliates dead skin, revealing fresh, new skin below. Next, a deep cleansing masque featuring Amazonian White Clay and Kaolin Clay will be applied for skin purification. A conditioning toner, serum, and moisturizer customized for your unique skin follow, leaving you fresh-faced and silky smooth.

TEEN CLASSIC step 1 $65

Introduce your teen to a life of healthy skin. A skin analysis reveals skin type and the underlying cause of skin challenges. A personalized facial featuring customized products will leave the skin fresh, smooth, and cleansed. This session includes education on good skincare habits, nutritional recommendations for skin health, and acne prevention, as well as full size take home products.

Recommended next step: Acne Cleanse session


Start your purifying process and diminish acne by detoxifying the skin. This session will include a skin analysis to reveal any issues in the deep layers of the face. After the analysis, you will go through a series of steps including a gentle yet powerful exfoliation, followed by a purifying mask to extract impurities from the pores ending with a refreshing wash and moisturizer. You will also leave with the products used during the session for extended detox and effective results.


If your skin has a dull tone, unusual texture, or feels like it’s fighting you, this session is for you. Hydrate your skin from the inside out in 30 days. Nobel-prize inspired technology use liposomes to deliver unique ingredients deep into the skin. Water from the Nordic Fjords, himalayan salts, and acai berry fight free radicals, support collagen proteins, and increase skin’s moisture, leaving it hydrated and satin smooth. For long lasting effect, you will also leave this session with take home products.


Reduce age spots and discoloration and experience a brighter complexion. This treatment incorporates the power of nature from pearl proteins to acerola cherry. It also includes ingredients such as licorice, a ceramide 3 to help brighten skin faster, and multiflora blend that helps brighten, soothe and repair the skin’s appearance. For extended results, you will also leave this session with take home products.


Get a dramatically uplifted and invigorated feel to your skin.

This session includes cleansing followed by several masks that help fight the effects of gravity, leaving your skin feeling supple, tighter and firmer. A powerful anti-wrinkle serum will seal the deal by plumping out wrinkles and adding elasticity where your skin needs it. The finishing touch of the 24-karat gold cream will send your skin back 15 years in the past, leaving it looking regenerated and visibly lifted. For extended results, you will also leave this session with take home products.


The 7 action complex will supercharge your skin’s ability to repair signs of damage. This mini session will help the restoration process starting with a cleanser, followed by toning, Restoring ampule, and 24-karat cream.

Specialty Treatments


1 Session $100

3 Sessions $250

This treatment includes a cleanser, LED treatment using the Perfectio Plus, toner, customized anti-aging serum, and 24-karat creme for the eyes and face. Progress is tracked through multiple sessions. Several sessions may be recommended during the first month of treatment, followed by monthly maintenance. The ultimate in anti-aging, the Perfecting Lift combines NASA research inspired Perfectio Plus by Zero Gravity with the most advanced skincare products clinically proven to reverse the aging process, leaving the skin acting up to 15 years younger:

·        NASA developed technology utilize powerful infrared LEDs that supply deep, effective treatment to all skin layers

·        Red light stimulates fibroblast cell activity in the skin, increasing collagen and elastin as well as cell renewal

·        24- karat gold cream brightens and energizes the skin

·        Flower stem cell extracts, cardiolipin, and proprietary CellEffect24 Complex technology stimulate the skin’s biorhythms, empowering the skin and turning back the hands of time

For a specialized focus of the eye area, the Jelessi Photonix Eye Wand can be included in session.

  • The blue light & positive ion technology detoxifies skin, and relieves fatigue by reducing puffiness.

  • Red light and negative ion therapy penetrates deeper into the dermal layers increasing collagen density and reducing fines lines and wrinkles.



A good alternative to a photo-facial. Get a fresh start with seven levels of skin restoration. Repair, revive, and renew your skin in just 2 weeks. You will leave with a restoring system treatment that boosts the skin’s natural ability to repair environmental damages overnight, caused by anything from UV radiation to pollution to sugar. Besides obtaining younger looking skin, the benefits of rejuvenating your skin while you sleep include:

·        Ultrasomes enzymes increase rate of cellular repair

·        Alpine leaf extract smooths fine lines and Vitamin C acts as a powerful antioxidant, leaving the skin feeling fresh with a healthy glow

·        Licorice reduces irritation

·        Lemon and cucumber promotes clarity and brightness

·        Rosemary extract revives skin’s natural moisture barrier

·        Oat extract leaves skin silky soft

·        Antioxidants protect skin from environmental damage

This treatment includes a skin analysis, a personalized treatment, and take home product for continual benefits.

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I believe true beauty is an expression of your overall health.
— Jennifer Lopez