Owning a home is a thrilling grown up experience, but maintaining it can make someone wish to return to childhood. No matter where you live- the bustling city or out in suburbia, you may deal with allergies regardless. Add children, pets, pollen, or anything else that builds up and your allergy meter erupts like a volcano. Have you ever considered an air purifier?

            Keeping the atmosphere pure inside your home is cinch with a good, trusted air purifier. No more deodorizing sprays and sweeping and mopping and ugh the dusting. Not all air purifiers are created equal so listen closely. I would strongly recommend getting a good one—the best. The Atmosphere Sky Air Treatment system which is the world’s number 1 selling air treatment system sets that standard. Look over the features and benefits of this remarkable system and ask yourself if you want to breathe better and forget you even have allergies, pets, or anything else that’s been catching your nose’s attention. Maintaining your home means letting it give you a breath of fresh air, because the quality of air is the quality of life.

It’s difficult to visit friends when allergies have such negative effects on health. A close friend of mine is deathly allergic to cats. Our mutual friends have a cat. He cannot be in their home more than five minutes and so quality of life and keeping relationships with people was of importance, my friends bought this air purifier. Ever since they placed the purifier in their home, we don’t have to worry about allergic reactions reaching critical conditions. The air is simply cleaned up, it is unbelievable!

Watch the video below to see the remarkable comparison between the atmosphere sky and another brand purifier.

What are the benefits of having this treatment?

  • Effective performance while using a low –speed power

  • The only system that uses Inteliflow technology.

  • It removes 99.99% of airborne particles and over 300 contaminants using three filters to clean more- fibers, pet hair, dander, dust mites and believe it or not cockroach allergens. Yuck.

    • A pre-filter which captures large airborne fibers and hairs- you can vacuum this

    • HEPA filter that removes smaller particles such as viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew, asbestos, and fungi

    • Carbon filter which removes odors such as formaldehyde, ozone, dioxin, smoking odors, cooking odors, pet smells, etc

  • Performance of

  • Switches to night mode and dims its lights and gets quieter

  • Whisper quiet….Sshhhhh

  • Replacing the filters on time will reward you one extra year of warrantee

  • Conveniently accessible through your phone

breath of fresh air 1.png

Contact me with questions or if you want pricing details.

laura dodda