Last year I was very excited to see the solar eclipse but was worried about being able to stay awake because I was scheduled to work an overnight shift at the hospital.  Do you ever wish you could clone yourself so you’d have time to do all the things you want to do?  24--That’s how many hours there are in a day.  No more, no less.  We all lead full lives – and it can be easy to feel the fatigue of our busy days.  You can run down a checklist of problems like sleep deprivation, thyroid irregularities, or vitamin insufficiency. I’d like to talk about the last one and your solution.

Luckily Nutrilite launched a new vitamin B supplement with extended release.  A bilayer allows the vitamin to be released so that energy is constant for eight hours!

vitamin B 1.jpg

That was my solution. I worked my overnight shift that started at 6:30 and left work at 7:00am the next morning, heading home to get my husband. We left for the planetarium and I took my vitamin B, ready to enjoy my day. The planetarium handed out sun safe glasses, which I was excited about because they were sold out and I couldn’t buy my own. We walked around to look at all the vendors and news channels. I even got to take a picture with a storm trooper!

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The eclipse started late afternoon and we stayed the entire time until it was over. Though a solar eclipse actually happens more often than we think, this wasn’t going to occur in our area so I wasn’t going to miss any opportunity here.

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After the event was over, we did head home, but ended up going to the gym. I later made dinner and eventually went to bed at around 10pm that night feeling no energy loss the entire day.

If you’re the type of person who always feels like you need 25 hours in a day to get through your busy life, give yourself a boost with vitamin B.


P.S. During the time my father in law was undergoing radiation treatments for stage 4 lung cancer. He was taking this same vitamin for energy to make it through the day and he really liked it.

laura dodda