Brides plan a great deal for their wedding down to the smallest detail. I know because that’s what I did too, when I was planning my wedding. I didn’t always know what questions to ask each vendor. Now that I’m a makeup artist, my goal is to work out those important details with my brides.

Here is a list of ten things you should ask when booking your makeup artist.

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  1. Before asking all the questions you’re dying to have answers to…. find out if the artist is available on your scheduled day. Don’t get your heart set on something if it won’t happen. It is so important to book as early as possible.

  2. Do you offer bridal services? Makeup artists may have a preferred niche and can be passionate about non-bridal makeup application such as special effects makeup and editorial/print.

  3. Once you know they’re available, you can learn more about them:

    + Do you work in a studio or travel to the client?

    + If so what region is included and is there a fee? How far do you travel?

    +What are the travel rates?

    Some artists charge a flat fee for any type of travel outside a limit of their choice or charge per mile. Remember, parking, toll and other expenses may have to be covered by you so just plan ahead to know what amount you’re responsible for.

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4. Inquire if a trial is included in your bridal package. If you do not want to commit yet, ask how much a trial costs. A lot of artists include a trial so save your money and take advantage of that.

5. During the trial you can figure out how long makeup will take on the wedding day. Also coordinate with your bridal party and find out who wants makeup done and how many people the makeup artist can work on.

Some artists may have a separate fee for adding on another team member to help with the bridal party if the number exceeds what he/she is able to handle.

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6. Can you use my makeup? Artists will do what you want, but keep in mind your makeup may not be of the same quality as a pro’s. It is important you look good in pictures and that the makeup will last the entire event.

7. Since we just mentioned makeup, find out what type is available for you. Are you interested in having airbrush, regular foundation, etc? There is a higher cost for airbrush so ask about price difference. Makeup artists are trained to choose the appropriate makeup for its proper occasion so you do not need to worry about it if makeup is not your thing.

In case you’re not sure, here are quick explanations of three different types:

+ Airbrush is more expensive and it can get streaky if

your cry or sweat if it is a water based makeup. If it is

silicone based, it will look flawless

+ HD(high definition) light scattering ingredients will

look good on video and photos

      + Mineral makeup will not photograph well, is highly

pigmented and can be built to heavy coverage

8. Can you cover my tattoos? Keep in mind this is an extra service outside of the bridal makeup and it takes time depending on the size of the tattoo.

Here’s a tip about choosing your makeup look

+Find a look that suits your personality. Of course you want to look amazing but don’t forget you want to be recognized.

+Tell the makeup artist how much makeup you usually wear, have pictures ready of your face on a regular day

+ If your makeup artist doesn’t tell you this, keep in mind that any facial treatments you do prior to your wedding should not be done within that week just in case of a reaction. Yes makeup can cover up a reaction, such as redness but putting on makeup over irritations can cause more irritations. So, no treatments before the wedding!

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9 Logistics: Now you should find out policies. Unless you’re getting makeup done by a friend, a professional makeup artist will have a contract ready for you to read and sign. You’ll find out the cancellation policy, if the down payment is refundable or not, and what else to expect.

10. Cost:

+What bridal options are there for you to choose from?

+Is there a down payment?

+What payment methods are available?



laura dodda