How many times have you spotted someone wearing that perfect red lip and wished you could feel as confident wearing red? Or wished you’d be able to pick out a shade that’s right for you? It can seem so challenging figuring out what is suitable for you but it doesn’t have to be that way. I recently decided to go on a search for my red lipstick. Here are a few steps that may help you choose your perfect red lip color.

To start, I decided on my shade based on my skin tone. If you want to wear a red color that is opposite to your skin tone, make sure the rest of your makeup matches that tone, otherwise the overall look will be very unbalanced.

  •  Find your skin tone by checking your wrists. Green veins are found on warm undertones, blue veins are found on cool undertones, and a combination of both are found on neutral undertones. You’ll find that names may be similar across different brands.

1.For warm reds look for names that include orange, coral, copper gold, sunset, etc

(Be careful if your teeth are not white, a warm red will give teeth a more yellow appearance)

2. With cool tones choose anything with a blue undertone, pink or plum. Look for names that include raspberry, burgundy, rose, berry, crimson, etc

3. Neutral skin undertone allow you to choose most shades and can pull off muted red tones



  • 2. Match the depth in the color you want. Keep in mind that if the red color has little depth it might not show up  and too much contrast will look harsh on the face. Try a few different hues in front of a mirror, also step away a bit to see it in the distance. Below is a list of colors best suited on specific skin tones. Use it as a guide until you become more confident in choosing colors .

a.       Fair skin- a light, bright red works well

b.      Olive- look best in an orange based color

c.       Golden toned- pulls off a berry color very well

d.      Medium skin- bright red but also can reach deep to rich red

e.      Medium Dark- a brown undertone red

f.        Dark skin- deep, berry under tones and rich reds compliment the complexion.


Now that you have chosen your shade I’d like to give you a list of media options. Do you know how many lipstick formulas are available? Quite a few, and honestly this next step is personal preference. Think about the finish of the lipstick and if you’re not sure of all the options, keep on reading.

Matte: this formula is pigmented and has a flat finish. It will last a long time but can dry out the lips, you may want to layer it with a gloss.

Liquid lipstick: With the liquid lipstick you can get all day coverage, however it is extremely drying. Keep in mind if you already have chapped lips or dry skin, a drying makeup product like this will emphasize flakes and skin dehydration.

Lip stain: this is a tad bit more transparent than a liquid lip color. This too can dry the lips a bit, depending on the formulation. It has the potential to last all day and for more intensity can be layered. Cream: This type is fairly pigmented, hydrating and comfortable. You will need to reapply especially after eating, because mixing with foods(oils) it will rub off.

Satin lip stick: A good description of the satin lip stick is sheer and subtle. It is moisturizing and slightly pigmented. Think of this option as a tinted balm, got it?

Cream: a hydrating, comfortable, and fairly pigmented. You will need to reapply especially after eating(due to oils in food)

Gloss: A gloss offers shine and hydration. It can be pigmented as well, unless of course you like to wear clear gloss. You can color your lips with a colored liner and top with gloss for more color.

Good luck in your search for the perfect red! Comment below and share with us once you have found it and mention how you figured it out.

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