EYEBROW SHAPING: 3 suggestions

Ever wonder what eyebrow shape you should choose for your face? It is actually a simpler task to figure out than one might think. Below you will read three methods that will help you figure out how to shape your brows. After learning the techniques you’ll be equipped to shape your brows in a way that is most flattering to your face.


    For a more youthful appearance, allow your brows to be fuller, cleaning off fuzz or extra stray hairs. Thin brows give the face a harsher look. Let the brows grow for 2 months before readjusting shape. Though you can wax or pluck, an easy way to remove unwanted hairs and allow the brow to retain its natural shape is threading. Check this link to see how to do it yourself at home https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNXRvWceH2s. Once the brows are filled in, the shape can be cleaned up by using concealer around all around.

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A general rule of thumb is to follow the natural curve. The brows follow a natural curve made by the orbital ridge above the eye. Altering the shape is not necessary, so shaping the brows is entirely preferential. Use the Three Point Rule to ensure you have proper length and arch. To successfully shape the eyebrows according to this rule, draw imaginary lines by pivoting a brush or pencil to the following sections. The first imaginary line is drawn from the inner eye to the edge of the nose to mark the start of the brow. With the eyes forward the second imaginary line marks the arch section and runs across the pupil from the edge of the nose. The third line goes from the edge of the nose to the outer corner of the eye and that is where the brow ends.

If there isn’t enough hair to fully define the brows, fill them with a product such as a pencil, powder, or pomade.

credit: Unsplash.com

credit: Unsplash.com


Once shaped properly, the eyebrows give the face a whole new look. First you must determine your face shape. A long face will need more width and so flatter brows will give the illusion of width. A square face will require soft angled brows to lift the face. Inverted triangle/heart shaped faces tend to have high cheekbones and a narrow jaw line. To balance the inverted triangle a rounded eyebrow shape adds curves in the forehead area. The diamond shape also benefits from a round eyebrow shape, by softening the angular features. The round face, is actually not a common shape, but a high arched and angled brow makes the face appear longer. With a round face it’s important to keep in mind not to have a brow too thin or too thick. For those lucky enough to have the oval shape face, any eyebrow shape can work as long as the extremes are avoided-overly sharp, overly arched, overly straight, etc


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