What's in your hair products?

1. Oils and other ingredients used in your hair products could cause oil to clog pores in your face. By all means, style your hair but be careful not to have it rubbing all over your face.

2. Over exfoliating or scrubbing.

You should limit exfoliating to a gentle 4 minutes in entire week span. Over exfoliating will dull the skin. While scrubbing constantly, hoping to clean off your face keep in mind you could be spreading the infection from puss filled zits. 

3. Smoking

Smoking almost a whole pack of cigarettes a day will age your skin ten years. There are many other health effects due to lack of sufficient oxygen being transmitted to the cells.

4. Do you sleep with your face on a pillow?

Any products from your hair are transmitted onto your pillow. It's very important to remove makeup before bed time and clean your face each night. Pillow cases carry bacteria and and if you don't wash your pillow case often, it may be a cause for your breakouts.

5. You're not drinking enough water.

You're body is made up mostly of water and dehydration has adverse effects on the body. If your body isn't well hydrated the skin will be too dry. The sebaceous glands will naturally try to moisturize the skin by over producing oil, which in the long term can cause breakouts.

6. Makeup or makeup brushes

Please wash your makeup brushes regularly. Brushes can hold bacteria and spread it all over your face as they're used. It is possible you are using the wrong foundation, which is clogging pores. When choosing a coverage, opt for a non-comedogenic/hypoallergenic product. Believe it or not covering breakouts or acne with thick layers of makeup actually slows the healing process of the skin.

7. Get rid of sugars and high fatty foods and processed foods.

Your diet affects your overall health and it will show up in your skin. Studies have shown that spicy foods contribute to breakouts. Check out this site to see a more extensive understanding of the mapping of the face. 

laura dodda