I believe true beauty is an expression of your overall health...”

-Jennifer Lopez

I have a couple questions for you:

  1. Does your skin look or feel dehydrated?

  2. Do you apply and reapply moisturizer just to watch it disappear into your pores as if nothing happened?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, I’d like to offer a solution. Let’s hydrate your skin from the inside out. Your skin can experience a smoother texture with a very simple regimen.

truvivity 1.jpg

This miracle treatment was launched some time before my wedding in 2017 and like all brides out there, I was preparing to look flawless for my big day. I mixed the powder in water and used the supplements each night. After thirty days I noticed my skin had a smoother texture and felt more hydrated, but the best part was that it seemed to stop fighting me. I used little to no makeup because my skin was naturally radiant.

The powder drink has a light, delicious grapefruit flavor and comes in a convenient stick packet. It contains cranberry extract and vitamin C as well as a Phytoceramide Complex to help keep skin hydrated.

Two essential complexes make up the supplement—the Phystora and PhytoCeramide Complex make up this amazing treatment. PhytoCeramides are lipids that keep skin plump and hydrated. The epidermis of our skin has several types of ceramides that act as a barrier which locks in moisture and protects skin from infection. In addition to plant ceramides, the second complex uses a trifecta of powerful botanical ingredients such as grapeseed, rose hip, and wolfberry extract your skin will be empowered to fight off cell-damaging free radicals.

It happens. There are days so busy that people forget to eat or drink. Keep things simple using products designed to compensate for these mishaps. Check out these videos for more information. Be sure to note how radiant Jennifer Lopez’s skin looks and how it embodies hydration and health!

Try this recipe with the truvivity hydration system.

laura dodda