A Beauty Enthusiast’s Dream Come True … 

How many of you are getting a monthly subscription box or bag, of any kind?  There are certainly an ever-growing number of them to choose from for everyone from the fitness enthusiast (, the dog lover (, or one of my favorites, GlobeIn( which supports fair-trade products from around the world in different themes like their Cozy Box.  Check them out!  There literally is a subscription box for everything and everybody.  

Beauty Influencers...The short story here is that I started a beauty subscription service, “Be an Impressionista”.   This subscription bag gives each subscriber a varying number of sample as well as full-sized Artistry beauty products each month.  The number of skincare and cosmetic samples varies depending on the level of subscription, with levels for every budget!  I am so excited to share these products with my Be an Impressionista subscribers because these products are AMAZING!!!  Seriously.  They are a high end, department store quality product comparable to Estee Lauder, Clinique and Lancome, but totally unique and unlike anything everyone else is buying at the mall. (yawn)


Multiple Benefits from a subscription to 

Be an Impressionista …

- try unique, luxe products that set you apart from average

- products come to you in the convenience of your home - no wasting time hunting things down when time is of the essence

- try before you buy!


We’ve all been there!  You search on-line or see a product by the latest Instagram beauty influencer, so you jump to the link and buy it.  Except when it arrives, it’s a huge disappointment for any number of reasons.  I ordered one once that looked absolutely luxurious and made the model’s skin look like it glowed, and she swore that she didn’t even need to use moisturizer anymore because this foundation was that spectacular!  Well, twenty-six dollars later it’s basically water.  But on the bright side of this disappointment in a bottle, I can now paint my face for a Blackhawks game because the shade was like porcelain sink white. No exaggeration!  The return process when you buy something online can be a nightmare.  Is the time and effort spent in returning something a good use of our precious time?  


The reasons above are the major reasons why subscribing to the Be an Impressionista bag will be both worth your time and your money.  Getting to test drive the products before purchase is a huge bonus.  You won’t have drawers and caddies full of barely used, sub-par products that you haven’t/can’t returned.  

And lastly, are you ready for the best reason to subscribe to Be an Impressionista?


Happiness is … getting packages in the mail. Admit it!  We all love to get little gifts and it is perfectly OK to get yourself this little splurge of a monthly gift.  You are still getting a surprise each time because you never know what is going to be in each month’s loot.  This is a great time to step out of your comfort zone too and try out highlighter because it’s a sample and you’re not out forty bucks only to discover that highlighter really isn’t your thing and the animals at the zoo you work at actually were freaked out by the “new” you!   And did I mention the package in the mail?  Yeah, I know I did.  But we can all agree, it bears mentioning twice because of the little burst of joy we all feel when we get something in the mail that isn’t advertisements, political ads and bills.  Go ahead.  Treat yourself!  You deserve it!

laura dodda