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Hello Brides! I hope your planning is going well and growing more exciting. I remember researching for venues, décor, and details for my wedding and all the while trying to keep a good exercise program as well as a good skin regimen. The one thing that I was most concerned about is not having my skin clear on the wedding day and seeing it in pictures for the rest of my life.

While you are working hard to put together your special event, you don’t have time to think about all the details of a beauty regimen. But don’t worry, I do. Use the guide below as your countdown to beauty.


Get a skin analysis done to best start a regimen customized for your skin type. This is not a time to play a guessing game. When I analyze my client’s skin, not only do they see their skin in the analysis machine but they are also educated on how to correct any issues. Receiving input on healthier lifestyle and eating habits is also part of the process because healthy skin is obtained from the inside out.



Gather ideas. Browse through some pictures of hair styles and makeup looks to help you decide how you want to look.

Set up consultations with a hair stylist and makeup artist.

If you’ve never had a fake tan or spray tan before, four months prior to your wedding day is far enough in advance to see how it looks on you.



Meet with the pros. Get your hair and makeup trials done and have them take pictures. If you can’t decide between two looks, have the artist to half of your face with both looks.

During my makeup trial, I asked my makeup artist to keep it natural, but as the day approached I grew fond of the idea that a bit more drama in the eye shadow and felt it would make the makeup special since I always wear my makeup natural. She was very flexible and added a bit more statement to the look even though I asked for it last minute. Having said that, I do not recommend that you change the look last minute to something so drastic you might regret it.

Whiten your teeth. Visit your dentist for professional work or find a whitening system at a store. If you have sensitive teeth, taking time to do it will be great versus using something very strong in the last few days approaching the wedding.

Start shaping your eyebrows and let them grow out where needed.



If you drink alcohol, it’s time to take a break. You’ll notice that any bloating will be cut down along with any weight in the midsection area.

While you’re cutting that out of your diet, remember that coffee and tea stain the teeth and you’ll want to be mindful of that.

Since your skincare routine is going well, you can add a serum with vitamin C or gold in it to ad radiance to your skin and give it a glow.



Any waxing or threading can be done now so to give time for the skin to heal, should there be any reactions

Get a haircut and color, no new experiments



Reduce salty food intake because it increases swelling which will help reduce puffiness in the eyes. Eliminating carbonated drinks from your diet will also reduce bloating.



Final Eye brow shaping

Final airbrush tan for natural glow



Get your manicure and pedicure. You can get this done a week before the wedding but if you work with your hands and can potentially chip the nails, wait until you can have them looking fresh.

Now is also a good time to go through your mini emergency kit



You may have a lot to do or by now you’ve delegated tasks to others. Either way, make sure you go to sleep early so that you will be refreshed in the morning.

Wash your hair

Lay everything out before going to bed. Some veils are difficult to smooth out and the morning of my wedding I wasn’t sure it will get steamed smooth. Use a steamer to get rid of wrinkles in the dress and veil.

Having everything laid out also makes you one step ahead the next day and the photographers can start taking pictures without asking you for your things.



A tip for hair: if you had your hair trial done with dirty hair, do not wash your hair the day of your wedding. Styles look nice on one to days dirty hair. Talk to your stylist about this part in advance.

Eat a light breakfast

When I do makeup on my clients, I recommend they have a clean face and moisturized skin. I will still use a toner and moisturizer before priming.

Have fun and take time to enjoy all the planning you’ve done.

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