Four self tanners that work

Photo by  Adam Kontor  from  Pexels

Photo by Adam Kontor from Pexels

Every time I visit my parents in Arizona, I return with an amazing tan. During the sunless seasons, it is difficult to maintain a good tan so I decided to go sunless. I’ve recently tried several products and I really like how they work and I want to share my thoughts with you.

The first thing to mention is that self-tanners are safer than being exposed to harmful rays. I’m a beach lover but I also know that UV radiation accelerates the aging process of skin cells. So while I like to be bronzed and darker, I also would prefer to maintain my youth as much as possible. Using self-tanner easy because there’s no need to wait for the sun or a vacation.

Unfortunately many have suffered the consequence of using bad products—orange color, a lingering and artificial product smell, or streaks and unevenness.

I honestly can say I found amazing products that will leave great results that will have everyone wonder if you just got back from vacation. What I love about all of the products I’m about to describe is that they are chemical free, sulfate free, and best of all CRUELTY FREE!



1.       Comodynes

A while back I tried a bronzing towelette from Comodynes and loved it so much I bought more. The tan was dark and intense in color! I ended up buying the advanced lotion and it was just as good.

What I loved: natural bronze color on the darker side, very uniform coverage, fresh and unique scent.



2.       Beauty By Earth

I haven’t heard of this brand until I was researching cruelty free self tanners. This tanner is a creamy moisturizer and a little goes a long way. A tiny amount rubbed into the skin will produce a very natural looking tan. It includes organic ingredients like shea butter, witch hazel, vanilla extract, and Japanese green tea just to name a few.

What I loved: smells like the beach, and color shows up within a couple hours.


3.       Pacifica

I tried the mineral bronzing sunscreen with spf 30. It is a misty product that sprays on with a strong color and you rub it in.

What I loved: it’s a 2-in-1 suncreen and bronzer. After spraying this on, my skin had a summer glow. It also smells like coconut, reminding me of fun vacations I’ve had.



4.       St. Tropez

The 1 to 3 hour tan bronzing mist does a good job of giving you the depth of color you desire. A cool addition to their tanner is the Bronzing Water Face mist. It leaves such a beautiful glow after using the mist.

What I love: The face mist has a wonderful and very attractive scent. It smells like exotic flowers and uses mandarin orange, hibiscus, and citronella in it. Even the Express self-tan scent differs from other tanners I’ve tried. It’s very fresh and makes me think of a cool breeze by the ocean.

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