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How many videos are on the web claiming to demonstrate a “no makeup” look and then the artist proceeds to apply a ton of makeup layers?

I never understood why…

In my opinion, having beautiful, healthy skin is the key to great makeup.

The makeup look I’m sharing is quick and very simple. It’s my morning makeup routine

The idea is to have a minimalist, polished look that allows your skin to breath during the day while you still have a little something on your face.

P.S. If you decide to time yourself please share how long it took you do it :) :) :)

Step 1

Foundation- apply only wear you need some coverage. You can alternate this with concealer if you want to.

I dab a little bit under the inner half of my eyes. If you out foundation on the entire portion of your under eye area, it can clump in the crease because of wrinkles.

Step 2

Eyes - fill in your brows by making feathery motions with a pencil. Using a pencil looks more natural but if you want more coverage use a cream brow gel. For a soft, natural look, line your lash line with a pencil

I also smudge a little on the lower water line and make sure to create a small soft wing to have a more lifted look

Step 3

Mascara- This adds such a nice touch and makes the eyes pop. Curling lashes is optional, of course,, but it does make them look longer if you do.

Step 4

Blush- Having flushed cheeks gives a youthful appearance.

I use a fluffy brush and run the bristles over the blush, then turn pat the blush powder into the hairs for a softer application once it makes contact with the skin.

I use Artistry’s 3-in-1 mascara to lengthen the tips and then create a whispy corner in the lashes

Step 5

Lips- No need for lip liners, stains, etc. A quick pop of color with a tinted balm or a lip gloss will add the right touch

The video below goes through the five steps. Thank you for watching!

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